Why Chemistry is a Difficult Subject to Study

Students from all corners of the world dread Chemistry in all its forms. The subject has a reputation as hard science and a challenging course to pull through. We have listed the possible reasons for students failing on the issue on a wide scale.

Chemistry utilizes Math

To work on chemistry problems, you first have to get comfortable with mathematics and know all the required elements and formulas, including algebra. It is like layering a foundation of a mansion. Geometry is also a plus for the subject. The use of shapes and angles comes in handy when dealing with some problems. If you plan on lengthening the road of your course in chemistry, you will also need to do calculus to help you stand out.

So many people find the subject tricky and complicated because they get to learn mathematics concurrently with chemistry concepts. If you are working on problems and unfortunately get stuck when converting units, you will find yourself behind the class on many occasions.

Chemistry is not only learned or applied in the classroom.

A complaint that is quite common amongst students of chemistry is that the subject gets awarded the same credit hours as all other classes. The downside of this is that the course requires one to dedicate more energy and time than other subjects in the study and outside the confines.

Check out what you need to do. You have to attend all the lectures because missing even one can be a massive setback to you and your career. You also need to visit the labs where you are required to do all the practicals and experiments. On top of that, you have to master all the concepts before proceeding to the next page.

You also have to write up the lab requirements, solve the problems, and in some cases, you will need to attend some study sessions. To wrap it up, you have a considerable commitment to live up to, and it requires you to invest both your energy and time.

The above may not be the main reason chemistry is difficult, but it may drive you to burn out much earlier than you can with other disciplines. You will have less time to get yourself together and understand the material at your own pace or a particular time.

The Chemistry Language

You will not be able to grasp the knowledge of chemistry until you fully understand the vocabulary. You have like one hundred and eighteen elements to learn and master, know how they work and what context to use them. There is also a load of new tricky words that you must incorporate in your readings and writing, especially during the exams. To add salt to the injury, you also have to master the whole system of jotting chemical equations, which, in some sense, is a whole new language of its own.

The Scale of Chemistry as a Subject

It is a broad and vast discipline. It is not a rose garden where you learn the basics and continues building blocks on them. No, here, you have to switch gears to fresh and new territories now and then. If you get caught off-guard, you will get left behind. A small mistake can make a difference between failing and passing your exams.

You can read on those concepts and continue building on them, but you will always find a new idea to put in there. There are many things to learn with limited time to infuse in your brain.

It isn’t easy because you think it that way

You probably heard the subject is challenging, and for some reason, you held that belief. If you think that achieving something is hard, you will toss yourself up to fulfill the dreaded expectation. For you to evade this menace, a simple solution will be to believe you can learn and pass chemistry. That is the only way forward.

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