In Search Of Checked Answers To Homework: 10 Helpful Hints

I honestly can’t think of a good reason why you would be looking for checked answers to your homework (note the use of the word “good”)…

But, regardless, here are ten pointers to help you along with your questionable pursuits

  • Go to a search engine and type in what you’re looking for – in this case, “homework answers.” Whoa! Look at all the stuff that pops up! It’s like there’s a fairy in my computer!
  • If the first hint doesn’t solve all your problems – no pun intended – look in the back of your textbook; there might be a “selected answers” section in there somewhere. As the title suggests, these usually include only the even or odd numbers. Some teachers purposely assign these numbers so that students can check their work in the back of the book.
  • You might want to try a question-website if you have relatively few questions or if you feel like typing them all up. Sometimes the people on there aren’t the most reliable sources in the world, but if you go with the answer that shows up most often, it’ll probably be the right one.
  • Try a flashcard website – you know, like one of those things where people can make flashcards to study from and share. If the questions came from somewhere (e.g., a website, a textbook, a worksheet, etc.), you can usually find a set of flashcards made out of them.
  • Why not go to your friends? If you’re not just lazy and you really need help, you could always ask a friend or classmate to help you figure it out. Teachers always say that students are better at explaining things to each other, which makes some degree of sense, since, being in the same age group and environment, two students will probably think more like each other than will a student and a teacher.
  • Even better than friends: family. If an older sibling or a parent or someone took the same class or understands the subject, he or she would probably be able to check your homework for you.
  • I believe you can find apps that do your homework for you; there’s one in particular that I’ve heard a lot about, where you take a picture of a printed math equation, and the app solves it for you. There are probably apps for other disciplines, too, though maybe not ones that work with the same sophistication.
  • If you do a simple Internet search you’ll usually get some pretty good results, too, as long as your questions came from a textbook or a worksheet or something – just not straight from your teacher’s noggin. Though even in that case, you’ll probably still get the information you need, even if it’s a bit different or more complicated than the one your teacher had in mind.
  • If your questions come from a textbook, you might want to try to find a copy of the teacher’s edition, which will have the answers in it. Personally, I’d advise against it, as I think there are far better investments out there, but if you really want to and have the capital, I suppose you could consider scouting out and buying a copy of it.
  • If this is a long-term thing – like if you’re constantly struggling with your homework – you should consider finding a tutor to do my homework online. He or she can check your homework for you regularly, and you won’t have to do an Internet-wild-goose-chase every time you need help.

If you are in search of checked answers to homework, these helpful hints should give you some places to start. And here we part ways…happy hunting, I guess?


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